10 Best Spring Clamps in 2021

From decades ago, a spring clamp became an excellent solution in terms of serving as a “helping hand” on home improvement or woodworking projects. This strong-jaw with little clamps holds materials together, strongly and delicately. More elaborately, a spring clamp is also known as a pinch clamp, or a hand clamp works similarly like a clip. It has two jaws, two handles, and a spring pivot, connecting the parts in the middle. 

Primarily, a spring clamp used to stop a joint from moving while the glue dries, for instance, or to bundle a heap of wood strips for sawing. There are some other possible uses of a spring clamp, like a painting task. From lots of variety in the market, it is sometimes hard to understand which one perfectly fits our work. 

In this article, we make this selecting task easier for you by researching the features and quality of every spring clamp highlighted below. Mostly we highlighted each essential clamp’s features that cover the durability, spring function, size variation, and jaw strength.

If you are a newbie for your support, we add a buyer guide to follow at the purchase time. It will help you avoid messy mistakes by keeping the workpiece secure in any woodworking or painting tasks.

Our Top Picks

Workpro Nylon Spring Clamp Set
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Size: ‎full size
  • Style: ‎16-piece
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Eachpole APL1770 Nylon Clamp
  • Material: ‎Plastic
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces
  • Size: ‎4.5 Inch
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Medium Rockler Bandy Clamp
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: Medium
  • Weight: ‎2.4 ounces
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Lot of 4-6″ inch Spring Clamp
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 10.91 x 6.61 x 2.24 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
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Collins Miter Spring Pliers and Clamps
  • Material: ‎Metal
  • Size: ‎1 Pliers / 13 Clamps
  • Color: Metal
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1. Workpro Nylon Spring Clamp Set

Workpro Nylon Spring Clamp Set
  • Material: Nylon;
  • Piece:16;
  • Jaw opening: 2.1/4, 1.¾, and 1.3/8 inches.

The Workpro spring clamp 16-pieces set are ideal mates for woodworking, artwork backdrops, photography, and DIY home improvement jobs. The springs are manufactured from the nylon plus it equips with durable screws for extensive long service. Both the screws and springs have a dark layer that also produces a tight grasp on a workpiece. 

The thick and durable clamping chip has a geometric textured cover that protects the finish on objects securely. Since the pads may rotate 45°, you can adjust them as needed while working according to irregular items. The compact size allows you to carry it to different workplaces.

Moreover, the ergonomic bi-material handle adds a glowing reddish anti-slip textured surface, ensuring a secure grip and reducing hand fatigue. The package includes 16 pieces of different sizes, spring clamps, and three jaws open-sized for versatile usage that satisfy most of your needs.


  • High quality and durable clasp;
  • Springs outfit with durable screws;
  • Black coat creates a tight and stable grip;
  • The ergonomic handle;
  • Soft and thick pads have a textured surface;
  • Pads can rotate 45°degrees.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty woodworking projects.

2. Eachpole APL1770 Heavy Duty Nylon Clamp

Eachpole APL1770 Heavy Duty Nylon Clamp
  • Piece: 10;
  • Length: 4.5 inches;
  • Metal: Plastic.

Eachpole 10-pack includes 4.5-inch long spring nylon clamps that work excellent for consistent holding power on gluing, assembly, painting, or fastening projects. The set is built by a stable and rugged type of plastic, making the clamp very heavy-duty and long-lasting. 

Besides, some small teeth provide extra gripping strength inside the clamp throat, and the tiny serrated points hold the fabric and other surfaces tightly. These clamps have a movable tip for more flexibility and balance in irregular surfaces. Also, the tempered steel spring provides consistent pressure for more extended holding power.

An X-weave textured surface on the grip provides more gripping power and ensures that the clamp won’t slip out from the hand while clamping onto larger things. Additionally, spring is placed securely with a screw to provide added durability and longevity. Overall this spring clamp set is an outstanding choice for durability within a budget price.


  • Manufacture by heavy-duty and rugged type of plastic;
  • Provides instant holding power;
  • Adjustable tips for most flexibility and balance;
  • Easy to reposition during work;
  • Tempered steel springs apply steady pressure.


  • Not big enough for larger projects;
  • The build material is not of high quality.

3. Medium Rockler Bandy Clamp

Medium Rockler Bandy Clamp
  • Piece: 2;
  • Material: Rubber and plastic;
  • Hold thickness: Up to 1.5-inch.

This unique clam works nicely on irregularly shaped edging jobs. It is popular among woodworkers. It is easier than ever to clamp edge moldings of almost any contour with this spring clamp. It allows the user to easily one-handed operation with even pressure. 

To improve the durability manufacturer added a super tough rubber band made of tear-resistant material and high-strength nylon with fiberglass capacity. More than that, three splines formed into it to increase extra-strength.This rubber band keeps sensitive materials safe and scratch proof and fits any shape.

Rotating jaws fit angled parts and allow its jumbo ultra-grippy clamp pads not to slip. The jaw also allows all the clamping force to be transferred into the material regardless of thin thickness. Overall, this clamp is ideal for delicate and soft material shapings.


  • Build with high-strength nylon with fiberglass fill;
  • Rubber molded an easy-to-grip handle;
  • Tough and tear-resistant rubber band;
  • Formed with three extra-strength splines;
  • Rotating jaw allows angle clamping;
  • One-handed operation.


  • The clamp doesn’t hold much tightly on thicker materials;
  • Slightly more expensive than similar models.

4. Collins Miter Spring Pliers and Clamps

Collins Miter Spring Pliers and Clamps
  • Clamps spread: From 0 to 2 inches;
  • Includes miter clamps: 13 pieces;
  • Material: Metal.

Collins, all in one piler and clamp set, can help you out in your overall woodworking journey. This corner clamp arrives with 13 spring miter clamps, pliers, and a carabiner. It usually spreads from 0 to 2 inches to cover most trim sizes and any compound miter; thus, there is no need to carry a group of different size clamps.

One of the biggest hassles in gluing up mitered corners is keeping them from opening up when making a picture frame. Spring pliers can do this job nicely while the glue dries to have a perfect finish. Spring pliers help you cover any compound miter and most trim sizes. 

Subsequently, these clamps can be elevated and applied by hand, and this plier makes the job easier. It can work great for picture frames, shapings, spruce work, and any compound miter. All this job can be done quickly and efficiently with this clamp and plier set to save your time and effort.


  • The sharp tip stabs the wood without ripping wood fiber;
  • No need to carry a bunch of different sizes;
  • Holds any mitered corner from opening-up; 
  • Great for picture frames and moldings;
  • It has a perfect finish.


  • It’s insufficient to clamp on rough surfaces;
  • It does not have enough balance.

5. Online Best Service Lot of 4 Spring Clamp

Online Best Service Lot of 4 Spring Clamp
  • Pieces: 4;
  • Clamp length: 6 inches; 
  • Jaw opening: 3 inches;
  • Material: Metal.

The lot of 4 to 6-inch spring clamps by online best service ensure a firm grip and reliable pressure with a stronghold. It arrives with four pieces of heavy-duty clamps. These clamps are built from high-quality metal materials. Also, the PVC coated handles and tips allow the pinch clamp to provide powerful tautness.

The black PVC coated tips will keep the metal frame digging your clamping material to get a scratch-free surface. Further, it is perfect to use rigging lights, sets, or any other thing that might need clipping or clamping. These heavy-duty spring clamps will be your tool of choice for projects where you need extra hold. 


  • PVC coated rubber clip tips and handles;
  • It builds with high-quality materials;
  • The tightness is enough to clamp anything;
  • Moving or sliding the clamp tips are easy;
  • Tips prevent slipping.


  • The spring wire is slightly thinner;
  • Lack of intense clamping pressure.

6. Pony Heavy Duty Metal Clamps Set

Pony Heavy Duty Metal Clamps Set
  • Pieces: 10;
  • Jaw opening: 1 and 2 inches;
  • Material: Steel.

Pony manufactures these clamps by a strong nickel-plated steel jaw for longevity and stability. Also, these heavy-duty tempered steel springs afford quick and secure opening and closing. While they might seem tiny, but have a lot of holding power. The set includes ten pieces of 1-inch and 2-inch clamps. 

Keeping in mind, the manufacturer included poly-vinyl handles and tips for the ultimate protection of the materials. The jaw tip is near to the pressure point for a comfortable balance in clamping. It’s a perfect spring clamp for small projects such as clamping thin balsa or cover in place as glue sets.

The spring operation provides fast and easy applying or removal from the work for instant opening and closing. It can also deliver an adequate amount of spring pressure for clamping.


  • It made of heavy-duty tempered steel;
  • Steel springs for fast opening and closing;
  • Pressure point near to the jaw tips; 
  • Poly-vinyl handles and tips;
  • Nickel-plated steel jaw.


  • Sometimes the rubber slides off;
  • It doesn’t have enough spring strength.

7. Workpro W001401A Clamps for WoodWorking

Workpro W001401A Clamps for Wood Working
  • Pieces: 20;
  • Jaw opening: 19 mm and 25 mm;
  • Material: Steel.

This W001401A model is a unique spring clamp set manufactured by the renowned company Workpro. The set arrives with 20 pieces of clamps with different sizes of jaw opening. Also, it is covered by a zinc-coated non-corroding strong cut steel for reliable and firm performance. 

Adding further, non-marking PVC coating tips and handles designs to protect the sensitive surface. The nonslip firm grip enhances holding power and reduces the chance of slippage.

Apart from these, the bands have readily extended pressure plates, and this pressure plate is near the jaw tips to combine equal force. The spring includes tempered steel for fast opening and closing.


  • Zinc coated steel body;
  • Quick opening and closing;
  • Steel springs mitigate;
  • Point-of-pressure stays near jaw tips;
  • Comfortable and firm grip.


  • Need extra force to open easily;
  • Plastic tips tend to fall off.

8. Black Duck Large Metal Spring Clamp

Black Duck Large Metal Spring Clamp
  • Pieces: 4;
  • Clamp length: 6 inches;
  • Jaw opening: 3 inches;
  • Material: Metal.

The manufactured named Black duct, but this model is not black in color. It has a PVC coated non slip orange tips and handles that stay in a place steadily without slipping. Also, the jaw securely grips workpieces without damaging surfaces. These 6 inches clamps came in a set of 4 pieces with a heavy-duty firm grip to use a long time.

Further, the heavy-duty clasp can perform an almost unlimited variety of jobs. From projects around the house to woodworking, all can be done by this clamp. A tempered steel spring ensures continued upholding strength. 

This clamp provides three inches of maximum jaw opening to fit it around thick walls, poles, boards, and more. More. Overall, these heavy-duty spring clamps can give extra strength to hold any project work as needed.


  • Reliable downward clamping force;
  • PVC coated tips to prevent slippage;
  • Heavy-duty firm grip;
  • Extra-wide jaw;
  • Robust, sturdy, easy to use, and fix tightly.


  • The metal gets rust quickly if it uses outdoors;
  • The rubber on the tip does fall off.

9. Yaetek Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp Set

Yaetek Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp Set
  • Pieces: 4;
  • Clamp length: 3/4 inches;
  • Material: Cast iron metal.

The YaeTek pipe clamps feature cast-iron construction for strength and stability in woodwork. As it is built by cast-iron, it has less chance of bending and breaking. The design highlights a plate clutch for improved gripping strength. A lever control system can adjust pressure without causing dents in your wood.

The clamp comes with four pieces in a pack. You need to consider the cast-iron body, which keeps wood steady during work and lasts a long time. However, with this pipe clamp model, you can manage the wood grasp to a place for gluing and drilling. The length of the pipe clamp is 3/4 inches, which is perfect for carrying and working. The easy operating option allows secure or loosens the pipe quickly.


  • An excellent tool for woodworkers;
  • Adequate length of clamping job;
  • Retain the wood in place for gluing and drilling;
  • Made from cast iron material;
  • It carries a 4pcs pipe clamp in the package.


  • The threading swayed by paint coat;
  • The side pin falls out quickly.

10. Tueascallk Heavy Duty Nylon Spring Clamps

Tueascallk Heavy Duty Nylon Spring Clamps
  • Pieces: 2;
  • Jaw opening: 4 inches;
  • Clamp length: 9 inches;
  • Material: Nylon.

A great set of spring clamps doesn’t have to be always expensive like Tueascallk. This nine inches heavy-duty spring clamp is perfect for woodworkers and photographers. It has plenty of clamping power for basic projects, such as securing backdrops or attaching wood pieces for gluing.

Further, the clamp’s jaw opens 4 inches wide, and their non slip clamp tips adjust to grip the material at various angles firmly. The molded plastic handles have the flexibility to offer a better grip, and the clamps themselves build from reliable, high-quality nylon material for durability. 

The ergonomic anti-slip handle with advanced technology provides a comfortable grip. Additionally, moveable teeth support clipping the backdrop in either way. Also, these teeth below the jaw ends can be used to hold round or irregular objects. Finally, it can serve all the clamping purposes with continuous service for a long time.


  • The handle has an anti-slip design;
  • Rugged and heavy-duty spring;
  • Built with high-quality nylon stuff;
  • Comfortable and easy to hold grip;
  • Movable tip-enhanced versatility;
  • It can clamp on irregular shapes or items.


  • The rubber tip easily slip off;
  • Slight lack of clamping pressure.

The Essential Features to Look for When Buying a Spring Clamp

If woodworking or painting jobs are your daily work, then the chances are high that you’ll need a set of spring clamps. Although this tool is commonly used in carpentry, it is also used for other essential tasks. But before you’re ready to buy a spring clamp, consider below features that offer you the most value.


The size of a spring clamp is an essential feature to count. In the spring clamp case, a small and handy one is the perfect fit for hard to reach areas. Though it’s mini, it still has much to offer. Usually, 6 inches of spring clamps are commonly used as they provide ample holding power. They can fit in spaces that more massive clamps can’t. Of course, larger clamps that can measure over 6 inches in length are best for more significant projects, such as fixing a table in your dining room.

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Jaw Width

After that, you should sit at the width of the clamp’s jaw. Some jaws only open up to 1.3/8 inches, while others open as deep as 4 inches. If you can’t fit the clamp’s jaw over your plan, you won’t be able to use it. So always look for a broader jaw that’s large enough to clamp two, two-by-four studs together securely.


Next, check the building materials used for making the clamp. Try not to go with a cheap plastic spring clamp that breaks after just a few uses. Many of these clamps are made of bolstered nylon, while others build from a heavy-duty muslin. Of course, if you want to use the clamp for longtime work, you need to go with an industrial-grade metal set instead.

Design and Handle

Following, take a look at the handle on the clamp. Users need to hold the handle for long time clamping work. So, ergonomic design will be more comfortable to hold and a bit more relaxed to clasp. Some models come with a PVC coating on the handle and the tips of the clamp. This layer is soft to the touch and even enough not to damage the project you’re working on.


We all know that a spring clamp is particularly suited for limited or inconvenient places. So it needs to be flexible enough to hold and work. Some spring clamps are designed with adjustable jaws that can be moved along a bar and set in the most suitable position. So the jaw can open further apart when clamping large workpieces. Also, it needs to be accessible enough to put in a carpenter tool belt easily. We suggest counting the flexibility to intensify support.

Clamping Pressure

A spring clamp that needs a slight pinch by hand and provides much clamping force is the best one. Clamping pressure basically depends on the spring. A spring equipped with a screw enhances better durability and long service life. It also ensures a high clamping force.

At the Ending

A proper spring clamp can do all types of clamping work from DIY to woodwork or painting without falling off. It can preserve a lot of time and hassle and let you work with both of your hands. But it can be challenging to choose from countless variants of clamps if you do not buy it before.   

We hope that this article will lead you to pick an ideal spring clamp as you desire. Before proceeding, take your time to think about what types of work and what kind of clamp could help your job. Just make sure you get the above-discussed points when deciding on the perfect clamp.

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