What Is the Best Throwing Tomahawk: Top 8 Analysis

A tomahawk is a sharp weapon that was used by foot soldiers and knights during the middle age. But in the modern era, axe throwing is a popular game. 

Usually, players throw tomahawks in an overhand motion, like a baseball, which causes the axe to twist as it travels through the air at a target, trying to hit the bullseye as near as possible that of the archery.

Throwing axes are becoming popular among outdoor lovers. So throwing tomahawks, lovers should know all the essential features of these axes such as length, weight, head, and handle material before purchasing a new one. 

In this article, we include all comprehensive throwing tomahawks features and buying guides to help you get the best one. So, let’s dive right into the guide!

View Top 8 Throwing Tomahawks Short Reviews, Below

1. SOG TH1001-CP Throwing Tomahawk

SOG TH1001-CP Throwing Tomahawk
  • Length: 12.5 inches; 
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs; 
  • Head: 420 stainless steel;
  • Handle: Ballistic polymer;
  • Blade: 1.75-inch.

We pick Sog TH1001-CP tomahawk on the top of the list because it’s a very affordable and professional throwing axe. The unique head features a flat edge for hammering and a spike opposite the mini axe head for piercing. These features make it both an impressive chopping tool and a tactical hatchet.

The lightweight and heavy-duty material make it a superb survival sport axe and a practical choice for a survival hatchet. The head is shaped by 420 stainless steel with a 2-inch flat edge blade.

As it weighs 1.2 pounds and a length of 12.5 inches, so it can be used as a mini tactical, chopping, camping and even backpacking axe. It comes with a ballistic nylon sheath that can be slung from your belt or gear.

 It has a scratch-resistant black oxide coating to reduce reflection, and it’s recognized for its uncompromising style and performance. 3-pocket throwing hatchet sheaths with velcro straps allow you to carry it anywhere securely.


  • Flat edge blade makes this capable of throwing;
  • A hammer axe edge opposite the blade;
  • Comes with a very durable nylon sheath;
  • Removable paracord handles.


  • Only for short distance throwing; 
  • The sheath has a chance to stick to the blade.

2. Bladed Tomahawk Throwing Axe

Bladed Tomahawk Throwing Axe
  • Length: 19 inches; 
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs; 
  • Head: 1020 steel;
  • Handle: American hickory;
  • Blade: 3.75-inch.

This axe is popular among the user because it’s sharp enough specifically for throwing and also can be used as a regular axe out in the woods for chopping trees or kindling. This blade is 100% manufactured by the American Hickory handle with the premium 1020 hardened steelhead material. 

Its HRC rating of 47-49 proves that it’s hard to hold a sharp edge for a lengthened amount of time. The perfect hardness can keep the border soft sufficient so that it doesn’t break on the force.

The blade length is 3.75″ and comes pre-sharpened right out of the box. This axe is 19 inches in diameter for better hand grip while throwing. The handle was cut and turned along the grain, sanded, then fire hardened to be thrown expertly using one or maybe both hands.


  • 4140 steelhead stays sharp longer;
  • The handle is hand-turned and fire-roasted;
  • Offers dual usability;
  • 100% US-made 1020 hardened steel;
  • Multipurpose for camping, chopping & survival.


  • Sometimes comes with loosening paracord;
  • Chances of head separation after throwing.

3. Thrower Supply Light Throwing Tomahawk for Younger

Thrower Supply Light Throwing Tomahawk for Younger
  • Length: 16 inches; 
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds; 
  • Handle: Straight grain American hickory;
  • Blade: 2.75-inch.

This model from Thrower Supply is the perfect example of a high-quality throwing tomahawk that is made for professionals. The 16-inch tomahawk is suitable for all ages, especially for women and children because of its lightweight material and smaller size.

The features of a hand-forged, tempered high carbon steel hawk blade combined with a straight grain make the axe highly controllable and relaxed. The American hickory lightweight wood handles give you unbeatable satisfaction.

Axehandle is carefully coated with beeswax to ensure a secure grip and reliable protection. The perfect 2.75-inch axe blade is hand-forged from high carbon steel, and due to the nature of steel, it comes with a light protective coating to prevent rusting. 

The tomahawk head can be detached from the handle to customize, and interchange handles to your liking.


  • Build by following the NMLRA hawk throwing rules;
  • Beeswax coated handle;
  • High carbon steel blade;
  • Sharpened blade edges;
  • Hand-forged head.


  • Sometimes the head may unstick after throwing;
  • Do not provide a sheath.

4. Southern Grind Wasp Throwing Axe

Southern Grind Wasp Throwing Axe
  • Length: 11.5 inches; 
  • Weight: 10.7 pounds; 
  • Head: 8670 steel;
  • Handle: Carbon steel;
  • Blade: 6/7-inch.

The Southern Grind Wasp is a super lightweight, balanced throwing tomahawks made from skeletonized 8670M high carbon steel handles with a tumbled satin finish. It measures 11.5 inches in total length and weighs only 10.2 ounces that help you with a wide range of essential tasks, from chopping lots to splitting firewood.

It has a sharpened edge on the head and spikes that stick a target quickly. The axe comes with a custom Kydex sheath as well as a built-in bottle opener. The body of the shaft is made with .095″ 8670M high carbon differentially heat-treated steel.

It has a Wasp logo on the handle, and a decorative pattern on the head. The purchase includes a custom Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok belt clip for secure storage.


  • Full-tang 8670M high carbon steel blade;
  • Different curved handle; 
  • Excellent balance helps consistent throw;
  • Built-in bottle opener;
  • Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok belt clip.


  • May be too small for some thrower;
  • Great axe for short distance throwing.

5. Estwing Double Bit Throwing Tomahawk/Axe

Estwing Double Bit Throwing Tomahawk
  • Length: 17.2 inches; 
  • Weight: 2.54 pounds; 
  • Head: 8670 steel;
  • Handle: Carbon steel;
  • Blade: 6/7-inch.

If you want a reliable top quality, versatile axe, Estwing is the one for you. It comes with a forged steel constructed body that gives maximum strength and durability for a lifetime of hard work. Also, a hand-polished head and neck make it unique.

The patented shock reduction grip reduces vibration while tackling wood splitting in the wilds and other outdoor chores. This is a perfect outdoor tool for chopping logs, small trees & branches, or splitting firewood & kindling.

Its weight lies firmly at the blade end and puts plenty of power in every swing. The unique double-face axe head design and lightweight material make it easy to carry.

Moreover, it comes complete with a mega tight and quality moulded nylon sheath to protect the hand from a sharpened cutting edge. This is a quality tool that can also be used for terrifying home defense.


  • Forged steel construction;
  • Shock reduction grip;
  • Versatility in use;
  • Quality nylon sheath;
  • Hand polished head and neck.


  • The sheath is not as high quality;
  • Medium-high expense.

6. Cold Steel Drop Forged Throwing Trail Tomahawk

Cold Steel Drop Forged Throwing Trail Tomahawk
  • Length: 22 inches; 
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds; 
  • Material: Drop forged 1055 carbon;
  • Blade: 6 1/2 inches.

It’s an excellent chopping tool with a functional hardened face hammer poll to drive nails and hammer. The extremely lightweight material allows you to tuck it under your belt or lash it to a shooting bag.

It features a sharp cutting edge and wedge-style spike that offers numerous tactical “options” for the modern thrower. It has a stunning classical appearance. Additionally, it has a hand-forged 1055 carbon steelhead that allows tremendous blows. 

The blade length is considered long at 6 1/2 inches, with a primary edge of 2 1/4 inches. The handle is highly shock resistant and will withstand the abuse that would break even a robust hickory handle.

The price is within a range for the thrower. As an added benefit, if the wooden handle breaks accidentally, it can be easily replaceable. It comes complete with a secured articulated Ex sheath.


  • Classical appearance;
  • Extremely lightweight design;  
  • Replaceable hickory handle;
  • Hand-forged steelhead;
  • The handle meets the NATF requirements.


  • The wooden handle is more likely to being damaged;
  • Plain and weak gripper.

7. Sog F182N-CP Throwing Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet

Sog F182N-CP Throwing Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet
  • Length: 12.5 inches; 
  • Weight: 23.1 Oz; 
  • Head: 12.5 inches stainless steel;
  • Handle: Glass-reinforced nylon;
  • Blade: 2.75-inch satin-polished.

Sog put a great deal of time and energy to design this mini throwing multipurpose tomahawks for chopping, camping, backpacking, and hunting hatchet with a 2.75-inch satin-polished stainless steel blade. The black fiberglass strengthened nylon and satin-finished stainless steel to create a dynamic and robust corrosion resistance tomahawk. 

Additionally, the lightweight(only 23.1 ounces) and heavy-duty material make it popular as a superb survival tool for backpackers. Every purchase includes a ballistic nylon sheath that can be hung from your belt or gear for easy access.

This tactical throwing tomahawk features a stainless steel pommel for hammering and a spike opposite the mini axe head for effortless piercing.


  • High-impact glass-reinforced;
  • Stainless steel pommel;
  • Multipurpose usage;
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty;
  • Includes a ballistic nylon sheath.


  • Head may need to be sanded.

8. CRKT 2730 Woods Chogan Throwing Tomahawk Axe

CRKT 2730 Woods Chogan Throwing Tomahawk Axe
  • Length: 19 inches; 
  • Weight: 15.9 Oz; 
  • Head: Forged 1055 carbon steel;
  • Handle: Tennessee hickory wood;
  • Blade: 3.5-inch satin-polished.

This Chogan T-tomahawk is a wood chosen model designed for handy everyday jobs around camp, home, or recreational usage. It can be used in trimming limbs or small trees for clearing a campsite, chopping split wood into small strips for campfire kindling. But the primary specialty of these tomahawks is, it is sharp enough in the throwing game. 

This CRKT T-hawk head is hot forged from 1055 carbon steel at 50-55 Rc, and it has also been formed with a hammer for hammering nails in need. The primary and secondary edge bevels are ground flat for sharp throwing towards the target.

The handle of the tomahawk is an excellent piece of Tennessee hickory known for its stability and durability. The handle is also seal coated with a lacquer finish to get a slick grip with suitable leather material.


  • A hickory handle with a hot-forged blade;
  • Hammerhead allows multipurpose usage;
  • Tennessee hickory wood handle;
  • Comfortable and balanced grip.


  • Blades can rust easily because of non-stainless material; 
  • The sheath snap can be a bit hard to release.

Things to Consider When Choosing Right Throwing Tomahawk

Whether you are a throwing lover or not, finding the perfect throwing tomahawks is not easy. If you don’t go through the details, you may be at the risk of purchasing poor-quality items that do not satisfy your desires. So before purchasing, acknowledge below features that a perfect tomahawk has:

Size and Design

There are various sizes and designs out there, ranging from traditional to modern updates. But usually, tomahawks are about 15 to 16 inches, which is a little smaller than throwing axes(between 15-20 inches). The head can be separated from the handle for backpacking or portability. So smaller size is a noticeable feature that tomahawks should have.

Weight and Balance

Typically weight and balance are related to each other. The weight of the throwing tomahawk must be distributed evenly across its length. To get an accurate result, the tomahawk should not be too heavy in one particular area.

Typically, tomahawks are lighter in weight between one to two pounds, making it comfortable to throw.

Grip and Handle

The handle of your tomahawks must be very comfortable. It has to offer you a good grip while tangible enough to execute your throwing technique properly. The handle mustn’t be slippy at all. 

Also, it needs to be very durable and capable of resisting the significant shock that comes with impact. If the handle is built well from the best materials, it allows you many throws in the long run.

Head and Material

Any sports tool needs to be made with durable material. Following this, all that the best throwing tomahawks are made from the finest materials. More traditional items with organic materials are available, while more advanced options are built from various alloys and carbon fibers.

It will help if you find out more about each positivity and negativity of different available material. A removable head allows you to separate the handle from the head to fit it into a backpack or use it for travel. 

Sharp Blade

From a various range of blades, you should do some research to find out what the different shapes and materials can affect your throwing. The blade of a tomahawk is typically thinner. Some edges are more curved and wide, while others are smaller and straight. 


There are tons of different tomahawks in the market, some are strictly for throwing, and some are more multipurpose. Whether you’re a beginner thrower or a professional, it’s good to invest in a quality throwing axe from the above list.

We suggest choosing a small and compact throwing tomahawk depending on your skill level. If you can pick the right hawk, then it doesn’t take long to master on throwing. Let us know if you’ve any questions or comments.

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