Best Wood for Whittling: Types, Tips and Where to Buy

Whittling is one of the most popular hobbies for wood lovers. It provides you a good working experience along with a lot of fun and exciting moments while whittling. 

Plenty of woods are used to do this job. All are not good enough for amateurs. From our research, we find eight best woods perfect for beginners to specialists, even kids. If you don’t have enough time to see all our products, you can turn on Arteza Basswood Carving Blocks perfect for all whittlers.

In this post, we will share high-quality whittling woods as well as a bunch of info on this matter.  

Read the full review and find the right one soon!

View the Eight Best Woods for Whittling

Whittling is the working process of making creative shapes and designs for multi projects, Christmas, or more. To do this job properly, you have to consider the best quality woods. Here are some tested and popular woods. You can choose anyone for the next whittling or carving project. 

1. CanUsa Brand Wisconsin Basswood Carving or Whittling Kit

CanUsa Brand Wisconsin Basswood Carving or Whittling Kit


Extremely soft and light

This Canusa Basswood is very soft and easy to create the outstanding layout that you expected. Also, lightweight support for handling with ease.

Super choice for beginners

Of course, experts feel comfortable utilizing the Whittling kit. But, a great choice for beginners level woodcarvers. They start to work with little experience. 

Multiple sizes

Another key feature is that this brand provides you different sizes as well as lengths of woods. Includes two large basswood carving blocks and eight small blocks for using multi-purpose. 

Great quality

There is no confusion about this type of Whittling kit made from high-quality materials and made in the USA. So, 100% qualified. 

Money-back Warranty

This is another important thing to select the basswood carving kits. People are satisfied if they get money-back guarantee offers. 


  • Easier to make several patterns;
  • Too soft to work with comfortably;
  • Ideal for novices;
  • The company provides the greatest warranty;
  • Comes with a variety of size and length.


  • Some customers noted that it is quite hard to carve;
  • Little weighty.

2. KINGCRAFT 12 Pack Basswood Carving Blocks Soft Solid Wooden Whittling Kit 

Basswood Carving Blocks Soft Solid Wooden Whittling Kit


The most qualified 

Yes, this 12 Pack Basswood Carving kit is the most qualified and solid basswood. The manufacturer made this from 100% premium strong materials. 

Soft & smooth

These whittling wood blocks are incredibly soft and smooth. Due to softness, it is easy and fun to create unique designs. Whittlers don’t have to provide more action and energy. Even kids can use this product without any hassle.

No cracks and no knots

It contains straight grain. This is why you don’t find complications or holes in the basswood while working. 

The most complete size

Three several and perfect sizes support for using multi-purpose. Size details- 6pcs: 6”x1”x1” 4pcs: 4”x1”x1” and 2pcs: 4″x2″x2. If you desire to hold them in your small hands, you can do that. Also, handle it with confidence.

Suitable for creative carving projects

These are the combination of some natural unfinished pieces. From amateurs to experts use these for creative carving projects. Woodcarvers who are beginners don’t feel uncomfortable at the working time. 


  • Easy to handle;
  • Perfect for whittler starter kids;
  • Multiple pieces come in different quantities;
  • High-quality.


  • Experts are not 100% satisfied.

3. Walnut Hollow Pine Whittlers  Carving Blocks

Walnut Hollow Pine Whittlers  Carving Blocks


A great choice for small wood carving 

This leading brand comes with three small pieces of wood. Size of pieces are probably 1.75″ x 4″ x 1.75″. With the use of these kits, carvers can lead to small wood carving projects successfully. 


Walnut Hollow Pine Whittlers Carving Blocks are not only small but also light in weight. This feature helps you to use handily and to fix other surfaces. 


These pieces are very soft, smooth, and delicate to work with. Anyone can make an expected design without complications. Useful for carving within a short time.

Multiple uses

It doesn’t matter if you wish to use them for home decor, crafts, hobbies, and paintings. 

Outstanding for beginners and advanced

Whether you are a newcomer or a professional whittler, you can choose this for making a variety of quantities and shapes. 


  • Great for working comfortably;
  • No knots;
  • Small and lightweight;
  • Superb for small projects.


  • Not perfect for large projects. 

4. JoePaul’s Crafts Basswood – Premium Wood Carving Kit

JoePaul's Crafts Basswood - Premium Wood Carving Kit


Two different sizes

It comes with numerous outstanding features. Among those two various sizes such as 1″ x 1″ x 4″ each of the four pieces and another one piece is 2″ x 2″ x 4″ makes it more valuable. 

Excellent for beginners whittlers

Are you a learner? Don’t have much experience in this field. It is not a major matter. This trusted brand’s two softwood blank sizes are enough to cover many designs and easy to handle.

Highest quality 

The company always ensures the product’s quality. They reject or separate the damaged basswoods before packing them. Each of the portions is 100% real Minnesota basswood. 

Soft and consistent

Any carver is easy to work with by using these soft blocks. Uniform density, as well as texture, makes it the ideal carving wood set. When you hold them, you feel fine. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Lastly, we focus on this American Basswood warranty. Without any guarantee, people don’t agree to invest in currency. Fortunately, JoePaul’s Crafts provides you with a great warranty. 


  • Each piece is lightweight and soft;
  • Not hard to work in different hobbies;
  • All wood blocks are reliable.


  • Expensive;
  • Very small pieces.

5. Arteza Basswood Carving Blocks for Carving, Crafting, and Whittling

Arteza Basswood Carving Blocks for Whittling


A variety of sizes

This set is perfect for every professional job, art project, and practice session everything you except! You can enjoy its variety of sizes. Each four pieces are measuring 4″x 1″x 1″ and one block is 4″x 2″x 2″. So, according to your demand, you make the right shape and pattern with ease.

Suitable for every learning level

Another feature is that the Arteza Basswood Carving Blocks set is suitable for whittling, carving, crafting, and more. No matter what your learning level or experience. Just because of the smooth surfaces, kids to professionals feel pleased using this dynamic crafting block. 

Used superior materials

These five-piece wooden craft blocks work better than the regular woods. Made from the greatest quality materials so that it is durable enough. Also, works great for smooth finishing. 

Replacement feature 

If you face a problem or find fault in using this product, you can contact the manufacturer to get replacement or refund benefits.


  • Easy to create several shapes;
  • All sizes are perfect for making unique designs;
  • Great gift.


  • No cons.

6. WOWOSS 10 Pack Unfinished Basswood Carving Blocks Kit


Hobbit size wood blocks

This Wood Carving Block Hobby Set offers two large basswood blocks for creating larger shapes and eight small basswood blocks for tiny projects. Each large woodblock is 6×2×2 inch and each small carving block is 6×1×1 inch. 

Excellent for kids and adults 

WOWOSS 10 Pack block set can use kids or adults depending on their working goal. These are ideal for all woodcarvers.

Smooth carving 

Unfinished kiln-dried whittling basswood is a premium quality block. You woodcarversesign using its smooth surface for any whittling project. 

Easy to deal with 

Another thing is that you can work with fun and entertainment. Anyone can create perfect finishing without any problem.


  • Excellent value of the investment;
  • Perfect for carving;
  • Great little blocks of wood for beginner woodcarvers.


  • Soft enough but random rough spots;

7. 5ARTH Large Beginner’s Premium Wood Carving/Whittling Kit

5ARTH Large Beginner's Premium Wood Carving/Whittling Kit


Great for creative design

Whatever you love to make cartoon creativity, Christmas carving, or creative gifts, it is suitable for all purposes. Plus, you can use this wood carving block for creative projects. It allows woodcarvers to use different colors and paints. Provides a lot of fun to make art projects. 

Use Natural Elements 

The premium wood carving kit is made from 100% natural basswood. Easy to use these 10 pcs kinds of wood. Each piece is solid and durable for creating a unique thing. With the natural basswood, easy to sand and cut. Even they are soft, texture, and fine for woodworking projects. 

Works great for multi-purpose

It allows you to work with DIY art projects, ornaments, crafts, whittling, and other creative wood projects. 

Two different sizes

5ARTH 10 pcs contains two different sizes of unfinished woodblocks. Every two pieces are 6″ ×2″ ×2″. On the other hand, every eight pieces have 6″x 1″x 1″. Both sizes are large enough to work with confidence. And, suitable for use in many wood carving activities. So, anyone who is a kid or a professional can create a unique gift skillfully. 

 100% satisfaction guarantee 

Sometimes users aren’t satisfied with buying a new product. In this case, if the company provides a warranty, users feel safe. 5ARTH offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and replacement services. If you don’t get the expected performance, you will contact the manufacturer.    


  • Very easy to cut and process accurately;
  • Allows painting and coloring for your carving project;
  • It is one of the best natural basswoods;
  • Children can use these smooth surface blocks.


  • No cons.

8. Sax Basswood Carving Block

Sax Basswood Carving Block


Accurate finishing 

This one-piece woodblock is adequate to create accurate finishing to a golden brightness. It is knot-free, cracks free but contains a smooth surface that helps you to work with ease. 

Large enough 

Sax Basswood Carving Block is expected to be large and big enough to make several formats. It is better than buying little bags of blocks. The total size is 2×4×12 inches. Quality is good. It allows you to use multiple whittling projects. Some customers reviewed that one piece is good for carving wood compared to the more variety in sizes.

Lightweight and smooth

Another important thing, this unfinished carving wood is lightweight and smooth. Works great for city projects and model homes. Also, it is an ideal accessory for architecture, art, or wood shops due to its high quality. 


  • Satisfactory quality;
  • Extremely large and big enough;
  • Suitable for all carvers;


  • Little pricey;
  • Not suitable for carving by hand.

What Should I Whittle With for Beginners?

Softwoods are the best choice for beginner writers because of the easy handling and cutting feature. As a beginner, you have to avoid hardwoods. But, straight grain woods are easy to whittle and make different shapes. When you become an expert, you can use any type of wood. Ignore woods that have lots of knots. 

Types of Wood for Whittling

There are many types of wood for whittling projects. Whittlers who are experts use numerous types of wood to achieve new experience. The most popular and tested woods are basswood, Butternut, Balsa, Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, Mahogany, Tupelo, and Pine. We discuss here five traditional types of woods.


Basswood is one of the most popular and perfect woods for whittling. It is soft, smooth, and comfortable to process and cut accurately. Anyone who is a beginner can create various designs without any problem. Different sizes of basswood are available in the market. You can buy them at a reasonable price. 


Pine is also good for whittling. Like basswood, it is smooth, soft, and cuts easily. This traditional whittling wood is available in the market. But, the weakest thing, it is not well to hold details. 


Balsa wood is another great for beginning whittlers. It is also soft, lightweight, and reasonable wood. Easy to collect and control this type of wood.


Butternut, similar to basswood, is also soft and straightforward to work with. It’s easy to cut and make perfect finishing. People who have a tight budget can try this type of wood. Lightweight and also good for carving.


Are you an experienced whittler? Walnut can be better than other hardwoods for your whittling project. Due to the straight-grains and high-density of Walnut, most of the people feel comfortable to use.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Wood Is Best for Whittling Spoons?

Hardwood is the best wood for whittling spoons. Poplar, black walnut, soft maple, or cherry are popular woods for whittling. If you desire, you can try beech or hard maple.

Hardwoods can consume less moisture and are excellent to carve. Their denser grain structure makes them more suitable. There are some softwoods like Lime, Birch, Alder, Willow, and Poplar that are also perfect for carving practice. 

Is Pine Wood Good for Whittling?

Yes, pinewood is used for whittling because it is easier to create multiple unique designs. Also, suitable for numerous projects. 

Important or Safety Tips for Whittling Wood

There are some tips and tricks that help you to use the whittling wood successfully.

See the below:

  • Check the woods. If it is too soft or too hard, you can include water and rubbing alcohol (amounts 50/50 mixed). It decreases difficulty while working.
  • Before using whittling wood, you have to confirm that the wood is waterless & dry. Wet wood is not suitable for use because it can break without notice.
  • Don’t forget to wear wood carving gloves when you are working with wood, knife, and other instruments. Gloves prevent unexpected injury to your hands. Want to avoid carving gloves? No matter, you can try thumb pads. 
  • Alternatively, to keep the hands free, carvers apply multiple devices to whittle the wood and avoid hands.
  • Remember, it is a risky but interesting project. To reduce the risk, you have to cut or process wood gradually.
  • Also, avoid damaging knives. As a smart worker, you should sharpen the knives regularly. It is challenging to control damaged knives.
  • If you are a learner, you will have to practice more and more. A lot of patience and practice increases your skill. 

Whittling vs. Wood Carving 

Generally, whittling and wood carving are closely related. The question is what is the difference between. The main difference is that whittling involves using the straight edge knives, not others. The sharpened knife is enough for getting the desired outcome.

On the other hand, wood carving is a wider project using a variety of tools. 

Comparison Table: Whittling vs Wood Carving 

Whittling Wood carving 
Whittling is one of the simplest forms of processing wood, especially little straight-grain wood.Wood carving is a larger project using different techniques and tools.
Only use a sharpened knife.Use many tools and multiple wood carving knives.
It is exactly the process of holding a little piece of wood in hand.Wood carving is the more widespread term. 
A whittler might carve chess pieces or little pieces of wood.It allows using larger and medium sized pieces of wood.
Can work with a short experience.Need to know more carving techniques.


As we’ve seen, eight best woods for whittling along with types, tips, and more necessary information in this article. Each of the woods is best for your particular project. With some practice and choose the right whittling wood, you will be able to lead a successful project. 

Anyway, if you need different sizes of basswood carving blocks, you can see the KINGCRAFT 12 Pack set. Alternatively, WOWOSS 10 Pack Carving Blocks is our overall best pick within a short budget. 

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