Chainsaw Chain Identification Chart

Chainsaw chain identification is an important factor if you are a chainsaw user. Most of the new users have little knowledge about this factor. To solve this issue, chainsaw chain identification charts are helpful. In this article, we give an identification chart.  Suppose your saw is not listed and you want to identify the chain of your saw then follow the below chart. 

chainsaw chain identification chart

Chain Number

The drive tooth of every chain should be stamped with the manufacturer’s number. Below you can see a picture of a stamp that says “21.” Please refer to our conversion chart below for the equivalent Oregon number if your chain is made by a different manufacturer.

Pitch IGaugeOregon ChainCarltonWindsorMcCullochStihlHusqvarnaEMDolmarTri-Link
¼ “0.050″ (1.3mm)25E1, K1NK50K13RMH00S00
3250.050″ (1.3mm)20K1C, K1L50JPM320,SPR32023H22, H23822B, 7B
3250.050″ (1.3mm)95H30, H37S30
3250.058″ (1.5mm)21k258JSPR32825H25, H21, H38S212083, 6862C, 7C
3250.063″ (1.6mm)22k363J26H28, H26S282D, 7D
⅜”0.050″ (1.3mm)72A150JPM370SPR37033RH51, H47, H46, H80, H82S461003B, 8B
⅜”0.058″ (1.5mm)73A258ASPR37833RH42, H48, H49, H52, H54, H81S48, S49, S52993C, 8C
⅜”0.063″ (1.6mm)75A363APM373,SPR37333R,36RH44, H45, H53, H50, H83S45, S531103D, 8D
⅜”0.043″ (1.1mm)90N443RG61R1A
⅜”0.050″ (1.3mm)91N150RM37063RH35, H36S36921B
4040.063″ (1.6mm)59B3S63BPM403,SPR40346RSH57, H64, H65S64, S65103, 1084D

Chain Gauge 

chain gauge

The chain gauge is the thickness of the drive link where it fits into the guide-bar groove. The chain gauge and the guide bar gauge must be the same. OREGON® comes in a variety of gauges, including.043″,.050″,.058, and.063, as well as metric 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, and 1.6mm. A vernier caliper is the best tool for measuring this.

Chain Pitch

 The distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two is referred to as chain pitch. Pitch determines the length of the chain. The OREGON chain is available in four different pitch sizes: 1/4″,.325″, 3/8″, and.404″. To accurately measure this, layout your chain and divide the distance over three rivets in inches by two.

chainsaw chain identification chart


In most cases, the Stihl chains have two stamps on them. As you can see, the chain gauge is indicated by the first number on the chart, and the depth gauge is indicated by the second number.


We try to describe the chainsaw chain identification. Hope this will help you to understand. A chainsaw chain identification chart and related data are present, it’s better to follow them so that you can fix your issues.

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