What Is the Difference Between Tools and Equipment

There are some fundamental differences between tools and equipment. Tools and equipment also have different definitions, but having similarities in the meaning may confuse you.

This article defines tools and equipment, enlightening the differences between them while explaining with examples.

So, what makes them so divergent even after having similar meanings? Let’s check out the polarity between two of the terms that are often interchangeably misused.

Differences Between Tools and Equipment

Though tools and equipment might have a similar meaning, there are some dissimilarities between them. The following table might help you get this matter clear on one go. So, where do they differ? Let’s find out! 

difference between tools and equipment
                      Tool                  Equipment
1. An object that is used to make something work is known as a tool.1. An equipment is a combination of a number of tools.
2. You can use a tool to perform a task. Example- Using a wrencher for tightening the screw.2. An equipment can be used as a guard for work-safety. Example- Welding professional wears gloves, helmet, goggles, etc.
3. Tools are usually multipurpose. 3. Equipment is designed for a specific task.
4. Tools often refer to machines,  implements, apparatus, utensils, or instruments.4. Equipment represents all types of machinery, accessories, or functional devices that serve an individual, community, or household purpose.
5. You can use tools to perform various functions like cutting and chopping, shaping, enacting chemical changes, mowing, fastening, guiding, and even information and data manipulation.5. Equipment may include various devices to perform a specific task. For example, a car’s equipment may be alternators, absorbers, optical, electronic boxes, etc. The equipment of a house may be the kitchen and home appliances, etc.
6. A tool can also be non-mechanical. 6. However, there is a mechanical aspect in equipment.
7. Even animals may use tools. 7. Only human beings might know the uses of equipment and use it well.
8. Tools are generally smaller than equipment.8. On the other hand, an equipment is relatively big.
9. Tools usually don’t require power or electricity.9. Equipment is most likely to use power.
10. Human beings are using tools for millions of years now.10. Where the use of equipment is more of a neoteric incident.
11. Tools are relatively handy and easy to use.11. You may need some cohesive knowledge to operate the equipment.
12. Examples are: Wrench, Carpenter Squares, Veneer Saw, etc.,12. Examples are- Plate Compactors, Magnetic Drill Press, Belt Sander, etc.
Tools vs Equipment


What’s an Equipment?

A combination of tools designed to solve a particular issue may be defined as equipment. Equipment can also be called gear.

When you use gears related to camping, it’s called camping gears. Again, using gear in mountaineering is called mountaineering gears. Mountaineer uses his gears to get well-equipped while climbing and protecting himself from any injury. The equipment he uses may consist of several tools. In those cases, the tools can be referred to as equipment or gears.

What’s a Tool?

Any unique mechanism that can be used to fulfill a handful of demands, not only a particular one, can be remarked as a tool. It can serve a specific purpose as well.

However, the tool is a more common word in everyday life. For example, electricians and carpenters may use the same tools in their very different jobs. A tool resolves any issue without being related to a particular topic.

Though tools are in use by human beings for thousands of years now, modern-day tools have unique and specialized designs. So, those that our ancestors used are not in any use nowadays.

Even in prehistoric times, we used tools. For example, a stone was used to attack the invaders or kill animals and as a fire sparker to lit fire. Here, the stone was his tool.

Thus it is clear that we use tools in every sphere of our lives. Tools are very general items to work with that help working in any situation. But the equipment has its exceptional purpose and is not used as everyday tools.


Though tools and equipment are two different words with very different uses, the basic difference between them is their functionality and uses.

Now that you know the similarities and dissimilarities between tools and equipment, share the knowledge with others. Also, don’t forget to get back for some incredible information and a guide to the proper gear through our website.

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