How to Change Bench Grinder Wheels

A bench grinder is a power-actuated tool consisting of a wheel used to grind various metal and wooden materials. Wheel is the most important component of the bench grinder. It’s one of the smart power tools that perform multiple functions, including polishing, shaping, sharpening, buffing, cleaning, etc.  

However, every tool needs routine maintenance periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer. Repairing or replacing parts is also vital when the problem is detected in the tool, irrespective of major or minor issues. Sometimes the tool needs immediate replacement of its parts to retrieve its functionality. Your minor negligence can even cause an untoward situation that could be detrimental to your project accomplishment and your own health safety. 

As we know, the wheel plays a key role in the proper functioning of the bench grinder for achieving the desired performance of the grinding task. But if it gets spoiled or somehow loses its workability, you don’t have any alternative but to replace the parts as required. 

In today’s article, I’m going to discuss how to change the bench grinder wheel so that you can remove and replace your wheel yourself successfully following some simple steps.  

how to change bench grinder wheel

Simple Steps to Follow for Replacing Bench Grinder’s Wheel 

There are a few simple steps to follow to change the bench grinder. You require a few tools to remove the grinder’s wheel. Before changing the wheel, you must procure all the things beforehand which you would require to accomplish your work conveniently. 

Also few other checkpoints like making sure that the torque level is quite able to properly screw up the bolts so that the wheel can be placed in a correct position.  Else, it’s pretty likely for the disk to come off while the grinder will start running. Also, check out that the new wheel is procured for the replacement if it fits the grinder’s size, sustaining the correct speed rate. With this note, let’s rush to the steps you should learn while needing the replacement of your one. 

Organize Tools

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including goggles, gloves, and others as appropriate

Safety First

Operators or technicians must wear personal protection equipment before the operation to prevent workplace hazards and injuries. This includes goggles, hand gloves, jackets, and others as appropriate. 

Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully to perform your task safely and efficiently. Also, inspect your grinder and run it on a trial basis to confirm that you can now go for the replacement task.  

Before replacing the wheel, you must unplug your grinder from the main power source and lock your power cord to avoid any electrical shock and short-circuit. 

Remove Wheel and Replace the New One 

In this step, first, remove the safety guard from your grinder. It might take a little while if there are multiple guards, including tongue guard, eye guard, and wheel guard. Then remove the tool rest. Afterward, release the nut and bolts with the adjustable wrench. Make sure you are holding the grinder’s wheel securely while unscrewing the nuts and bolts. If needed, employ one assistant to hold the wheel. At this stage, you apply some lubricating oil if the joints are felt taut. 

Finally, take off the washer and wheel and replace your new wheel following the reverse process. Tighten the new wheel assembling nut and washer. While tightening the screw, avoid twisting it to an extreme level and leave it to the wheel to do the remaining constriction automatically with its own mechanism while moving.    

Final Move

Once the replacement is finished, run your bench grinder once again on a trial basis to ascertain the wheel has been replaced successfully. If any abnormality is detected, recheck all joints and assembles to identify the problem and fix it as required, following the same procedure. When you are completely satisfied with the replacement task, unplug your grinder from the power source, clean it, and store it safely. 

Concluding Notes

As discussed in this article, I reiterate the routine check-up and maintenance, including replacing parts of any tool with no delay again. Mind it your minor negligence can even bring you harm to your personal safety, a hindrance to the project’s accomplishment, and damaging your apparatus as well. As the wheel is the key component of the bench grinder, I found this article extremely important to discuss. I believe operators and DIYers who often face such situations would find this article quite beneficial and become able to take care of their bench grinders and wheel replacement issues.    

I would expect you to share your feedback and comments to optimize my technical support to answer your queries and guide for the next course of action to settle your issues.

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