How to Change the Blade on a Kobalt Miter Saw?

If you own a miter saw, you know how valuable this particular machine is. But you should also know that after frequent usage, The miter saw needs a blade replacement. Once your blade has gone blunt, you can’t work with the miter saw unless you change the blade.

So in this article, we’re going to learn how to change the blade on a Kobalt Miter Saw. For your convenience, we have arranged the whole discussion step-by-step. If you go through the entire instruction, you’ll have a crystal clear idea of how to change the blade.

Now, take a cup of coffee and go through the whole discussion at a steady pace. We have also included other related questions and FAQs, so you have comprehensive knowledge on this topic. So, without any more ado, let’s read it.

How to Change the Blade on a Kobalt 7 1/4 Miter Saw? [10 Steps]

We will use a 1/4 meter Kobalt Miter Saw for this blood replacement video. We will detach the blade in this particular saw and reattach a new one quickly. So let’s look at what tools we’ll need for this.

Tools That You’ll Need

  • A Replacement Blade: Make sure that you buy a replacement blade with precisely the exact dimensions as the already installed one. It would be best to ensure that it fully matched the arbor size and other specifications with the last blade. As you’re installing the new edge, you need to unpack it and keep it on the table.
  • A Screwdriver
  • A Wrench or a Socket Wrench

Replacement Steps

Step 1: 

As the first step, you’re going to unplug the power source of the saw. Remember, in the blade replacement process, it is the most crucial step. Also, if your machine has accidentally turned on while you are replacing the blade, you can face severe injuries. That’s why you must ensure that the miter saw is entirely disconnected from power.

Step 2: 

Go ahead and release the cutting-head lock. As a result, it will allow the cutting-head to travel upwards.

Step 3:

In this step, you will release a screw from the cover plate of the blade. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw, but do not entirely uninstall the screw in the process. Remember, you only have to loosen the screw.

Step 4:

When you are done loosening the screw from that blade plate, you will be able to lift the blade guard in the upwards direction. At the same time, you’ll see that the blade cover has also been pushed upwards.

change the blade on a kobalt miter saw
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Step 5:

Once the blade cover is pushed upwards, you will see the arbor bolt holding the blade to the machine. Now, you’re going to loosen the arbor bolt to detach the saw blade from the saw.

Step 6:

To detach the arbor bolt, you’ll have to find a button situated in the opposite direction of the arbor bolt. This particular button locks the arbor bolt into its place. So, press that button and slowly rotate the blade with your hand. In turn, it will close the arbor bolt into its place. As a result, it will allow you to loosen the arbor bolt.

Step 7:

Now, take a socket wrench and rotate the arbor bolt clockwise. Turning it in the clockwise direction will loosen the arbor bolt very easily. 

Step 8:

Once you have loosened the arbor bolt, the saw blade will come off. At the same time, you’ll take off the outer blade collar into your hand as well. But remember not to remove the inner blade collar.

Step 9:

Now, go ahead and grab the new blade in your hand. To reinstall the new blade, you’ll do the same steps as above, but in reverse order.

Step 10:

Grab the blade collar and put it on the blade side. Also, grab the arbor bolt and put it on the blade collar. This time, to tighten the arbor bolt, you’re going to thread the arbor bolt into counterclockwise rotation (not clockwise rotation). 

And, you’re going to press the button on the other side of the saw blade. As a result, it will hold the plate into a stationary position, so you can quickly tighten the arbor bolt. And there you go, congratulations! You just replaced the old blade of a Kobalt 7 ¼ miter saw.

How Do You Open a Kobalt Miter Saw?

If you are a beginner with a Kobalt miter saw, you might be wondering,” how to open or unlock a Kobalt miter saw?”. Well, you can follow this guide here to unlock your Kobalt miter saw quickly.

Unlocking the Head

Usually, a miter saw head is locked in its position by a dedicated locking knob on its back. That’s why, to unlock the head of the Kobalt miter saw, you’ll have to find the knob and loosen it.

Unlocking the Slide:

If your Kobalt miter saw is equipped with a sliding mechanism, it’ll also have a dedicated slide lock. So, to unlock the slider of your Kobalt miter saw, find the locking knob and loosen it, so you can easily slide the miter saw.

Unlocking the Saw Table

The integrated saw table should also have a locking knob to lock the table in place. To freely drive your miter saw, Go ahead and find the locking knob on the table and loosen it. As a result, your table can be freely adjusted.

How Do You Adjust the Bevel on a Kobalt Miter Saw?

In a Kobalt miter saw, the manufacturer provides an angle to tilt in its left or right direction. The bevel is a crucial part of the Kobalt miter saw. It comes with its locking knobs. To adjust the saw by moving to either side (left or right), you need to unlock the knobs and locks in its bevel.

There should be two dedicated knobs that lock the movement of the bevel to the right and left directions. So, to adjust the bevel to both directions, you’ll have to unlock both the knobs.

Kobalt Miter Saw Blade Guard Replacement: How to Do It?

On each Kobalt miter saw, you’ll see that there is a safety guard. The Kobalt miter saw is an essential part that actively protects users from hurting their hands. But, sometimes, the safety guard can be damaged by an external force.

As a result, you might need to change the Kobalt miter immediately to see the blade guard. So, to quickly change your Kobalt miter saw blade, follow the instructions below:

1. In the first step, you will remove the guard assembly from the saw. To remove the guard assembly, you’ll have to find the two screws holding the guard assembly to the miter saw.

2. Then, use a screwdriver to uninstall the two screws holding the guard assembly.

3. You’ll have to remove the center bolt of the guard assembly at this point. The central piece secures the garden assembly to the miter saw.

4. Now, you’ll safely take the plastic blade guard apart from its adjacent metal plate. In this process, be sure not to lose sight of the tension spring so it doesn’t get lost.

5. Then, you’ll install the tension spring into the adjacent metal plate. 

6. At this point, you are going to take a new safety cover and install it on the metal plate you have prepared in step 5.

7. Now, put the center bolt back on the safety guard and tighten it.

8. And finally, I attached the whole safety guard assembly into the miter saw. You will then reinstall the two screws that hold the safety assembly into the miter saw.

And just like that, we are finished replacing the safety guard of the miter saw.


In short, if you have the correct instructions at hand, you can easily replace any part of the miter saw. And, after reading the instructions above, you should be easily able to change the miter saw blade and blade guard. So, we hope that our education in the discussion regarding “how to change the blade on a Kobalt miter saw?” was helpful to you.

Anyhow, we implore you to follow proper safety precautions throughout the entire process we have mentioned above. Best of luck!

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