How to Make a Chainsaw in 7 Days to Die

Are you a survival games lover? Want to kill your zombies while closing up? A chainsaw can be used for 7-days to die. This melee weapon is durable, reliable, and perfect for all players.

But, most of the time players don’t know how to make a chainsaw in 7-days to die. No worries. I came here to provide some techniques to formulate with ease. So, what’s not to love?

The formation of the chainsaw is not a painful experience. Just ensure the necessary materials and apply them to make all parts of the chainsaw.

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how to make a chainsaw in 7 days to die

How to Make a Chainsaw in 7 Days to Die: Top 5 Steps

Chainsaw in 7 days to die, a fun melee weapon, can be crafted or found with a small engine, handlebars, chainsaw parts, and chainsaw blade. Like most common gas-powered weapons, it requires fuel to consume as early as possible. Plus, this can create a high sound when you are trying to make a huge target. 

Still, I am going to focus on the full making process of the chainsaws in 7 days to die. The step-by-step instructions seem to be helpful for anyone.

Step 1: What You Need

Making a chainsaw in 7 days to die (an early survival horror video game) is a simple process, you probably know. Just include some essential materials to make it easier. First, select the chainsaw parts that are used to make its base. Without an engine, chainsaws can not start. So, collect the chainsaw small engine. Then, another important thing is to find the chainsaw blade. You will also need handlebars. Chainsaw in 7 days to die requires blueprints to build and sufficient gas to run it thoroughly. 

See at a glance:

1× Chainsaw Parts

1× Chainsaw Blade

1× Small Engine

1× Handlebars

Step 2: Chainsaw Parts 

Now, where can you find the chainsaw parts that are important to make a chainsaw in 7 days to die? These parts are highly recommended to craft both chainsaw and auger. Plus, it is tricky to craft the part used in the assembly of the Chainsaw. While gathered, the Chainsaw Parts fix the Chainsaw’s Fall Off Range to 2.35.

You can locate it in the Hardware store and vehicles. If you don’t find that place, you can loot from Frozen Lumberjacks. Another option to collect the chainsaw parts is to purchase or loot from the trader. 

Step 3: Engine & Handlebars 

To make the chainsaw a small engine and handlebars are important things. If you use a wrench on a car, you can collect a small engine from that. Other options are to find engines that can be looted in cars or on lumberjack zombies. On the other hand, handlebars can be crafted in a workbench or a trade.

Step 4: The Blade

The Chainsaw Blade is the hardest part to find highly used in the assembly of the 7 days to die chainsaw. Depending on the chainsaw’s blade quality, it works well as you expect. Even base damage also depends on the quality. Higher quality blades increase the chainsaw’s entity.

Likely, you don’t know that the blades can’t be formulated. Only you establish from looting as well as scavenging. Generally, the Working Stiffs Box is the best source for getting chainsaw blade containers. Sometimes the chainsaw blade can’t be made, so you need to improve its quality. How? Read the chainsaw Schematic and collect chainsaw blade, repair kit, and forged steel from the Workbench.png Workbench.

Step 5: Fuel

You know, chainsaws are used for different purposes, mainly cutting down wood blocks and trees. Besides, this tool is suitable for use as a melee weapon. You will include essential fuel because chainsaws consume fuel as soon as possible. Plus, it creates noise. 

From gas cans, the chainsaw requires gas. It can seize up to 200 gas. Players who have more gas cans in the backpack chainsaw will be fueled by pressing the key of reloading.

So, when you arrange all of the above elements, your 7-days to die chainsaw is ready to go on the next mission. This powerful tool helps to win the mission as fast as possible.

How to Repair a Chainsaw in 7-days to die?

You have to use the repair kits for repairing your chainsaw. Sometimes players use a Workbench that helps to reproduce individual parts in a high-quality single part. 

Alternatively, press “R” to refuel the selected chainsaw and with a Gas Can in player inventory. A few moments are needed to refill. For this reason, your chainsaw ensures plenty of materials for harvesting. Remember, don’t use it for other purposes instead of wood.

This is because chainsaws can be slow.

Is Chainsaw in 7-days to Die Worth it?

If you compare the chainsaw with other weapons, it is not worth the price. But, this weapon is a great way to do work quickly. The most important shortcoming thing, it consumes a lot more gas than the steel ax. Believe it or not, chainsaws and augers are crazy-inefficient than the other gas consumption of vehicles. 

An anonymous says, “It all depends on how much gas and oil you have saved up. Personally, I think the chainsaw is useless once you have a purple steel ax, but I always use the auger once I have it. It clears stone and other underground materials ALOT quicker than any pickaxe so that is why I prefer it. However, I have added a recipe to my SP game where I craft 1 can of oil with 5 biofuels, 50 gas, and 3-grain alcohol. So it is a little bit of cheating since I don’t run out of oil for making repair kits once I have a stable corn farm set up and a good supply of animal fat. (Usually spend every second day only hunting bears and stage”.


The bottom line?  It is a funny thing to make a chainsaw in 7-days to die. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or pro player, you can craft a chainsaw just knowing where to find everything. By the way, I have already confirmed the five effective steps to prepare it without any hassle.

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