How to Sand Hardwood Floors with Drum Sander

Drum sander aloofness from another sander. It is the perfect tool for fine finishing surfaces. Most of the advantages of this machine are that you can use it in different ways. And it is affordable for all. Through the use of a drum sander, you can easily get a smooth floor. If your hardwood floor faces some issues, like color fading, scratch than drum sander is a big solution.  

It is a prevalent factor that your hardwood floor looks dull after a long time, shining less and old. A drum sander is a perfect choice to make your old damaged floor turn into a new floor. The drum sander is to be controlled by hand. 

how to sand hardwood floors with drum sander

How to Sand Hardwood Floors With Drum Sander 

Who doesn’t love a smooth and new decorated hardwood floor? Now you can fix your floor on your way with this sander. Sandpaper set with a rotating drum of a drum sander. Which rotates at speed and completes sanding on the floor. Before using a drum sander, you should know how to sand the hardwood floor with the drum sander. It makes your job easier and fast. Go to the below and be informed about how to use a drum sander on a hardwood floor. 

  1. Before starting to sand, one should prepare the sand area. Remove all objects in the room that you want to sand. Exposure to it can damage any furniture, especially wooden tools. 
  2. Lock all elective boards except the one your plugin. Not only the board but also covering all the doors and windows of your house. 
  3. Prior to inserting sandpaper on the drum sander, make sure your machine is disconnected from the electric supply. First, open the drum covers and carefully install sandpaper on them, then close the cover.
  4. Before using it on the hardwood floor, just check the sander on fly wood or board. This will ensure that the sandpaper is set correctly on the drum sander.  
  5. Before the plugin creates a distance between the floor and the sander, after the plugin moves the machine slowly, try to move lower to forward when you use this. Raise the drum before you stop; otherwise, the floor stains may settle.  
  6. Do not sand in one place all the time. This will make it challenging to match the sanding to other places. Make a landmark for sanding. Decide in advance where you will start and how much work you will do within the area.
  7. Handle lightly; there is no need to give extra pressure on the floor. Keep the drum sander straight and work. Keep your eye on the floor on whether the desired result is coming. 
  8. Raise the drum before you stop so that there will be no stains where you are. Never stop your drum sander when it touches the floor.
  9. The dust bag is attached to the sander. So that the dust and wood chips do not spread outside, empty the dust bag regularly when you work. The better option is to empty the bag when one-third of the bag is full. 
  10. After doing your work, first, remove the bag and then remove the handle of the sander. Wood chips and dust are making your sander dirt, so clean it carefully. Store your drum sander in a safe place. Read more:  7 Common Problems With Random Orbit Sanders – How to Fix

Safety Factor When You Used a Drum Sander

A drum sander is an electric power tool. Some precautions should be taken while using this machine. Some are discussed below.

Safety Tolls

It is a prevalent thing that drum sander makes a lot of noise and dirt. So it’s better to use a pair of hearing protection and glasses on your eye. This allows you to work comfortably.


When you use a drum sander on your hardwood floor, always keep the distance between you and the sander—work standing at a certain distance so that your feet are not harmed by it. Use working socks on your hand and feet if it is necessary. 

Don’t Leave Alone

Never leave the machine switched on. This can cause any kind of accident at your home. Keep out of reach of the children. Do not use the drum sander when the firebox is running because there is a possibility of fire. 


Everybody wants a smooth hardwood floor on their house. Drum sander makes this work easier for every person. You can use it for both home and outdoor projects.  

A drum sander is a little heavy device; it takes your energy when you handle this.  So you may get tired quickly, and you may also have pain in your body muscles. But don’t worry, it can be fixed. When you work with a drum sander, do not frequently work with it. Take some rest from your working time or it will be painful for you. If you are a beginner woodworker, Gradually, you too will become an expert drum sander user.

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