How to Seal Pallet Wood for Indoor Use

Wooden pallets are used for the indoor interior—both professionals and people who like DIY use these pallets. The wood pallet is made according to a percentage. In the U.S.A, the pallet wood produces a ratio of 43% hardwood and 15% softwood.

There are many types of wood, according to a range of purposes. Some pallets are cheap, which are made of softwood. These pallets are liftable and simple stringers.

Generally, mahogany, maple, oak, teak, and walnut are known as hardwood, making furniture. On the other hand, softwood like- pine, douglas fir, spruce, and yew are used for many purposes. As pine grows most widely, it is used for wooden pallets today or often.

Before knowing about a wooden pallet’s sealing method, you need to know about the style and selection of safe wood pallets.    

how to seal pallet wood for indoor use

Pallet Style

Knowing about the pallet style is essential because most people think that every wood pallet is in the same category. But there is some difference between the pallets. The challenge is to choose between the best wood pallet vs. the damaged wood pallet, which contains harmful toxic chemicals.

Selection of Safe pallet

For selecting the safe pallet, you need to remember some important things. Every pallet is categorized based on the code. Before using the wood pallet, you should identify the code and meaning.

As an example- you do not use any pallet coded in MB. MB means methyl bromide, which has been fumigated with a pesticide. If you want to use this MB type pallet indoor after the treatment, it would not be wise. On the other hand, HT(heat-treated), DB(debarked), or KN(kiln-dried) coded wood pallets are safe for use for indoor purposes.

Sealing Procedure of Pallet Wood

If you want to use your pallet wood properly, you need a ready pallet as your requirement. That’s why it would be helpful for you to seal the wood pallet. The sealing procedure of wood pallet is quite simple, which is given below:

Clean the Wood Pallet

Before starting your work, you need to clean the wood pallet. First, wash it with soap water. You can mix bleach with soapy water. You can also use a power washer if you have any. After cleaning and rinsing, try to dry the pallet thoroughly.  

Isolation of Wood Pallet

As a user, you need to isolate the wood pallet for different usage. You may need to use some tools for separating the pallet. As an example-

Hammer and crowbar: These tools use for loosening the tight pallet and break them up;

Nail Punch: These tools use for driving the nails, screws, etc. from the pallet;

Oscillating Tools: These tools work for removing the nails, which are oxidized.

The most important thing to remember is that you should use goggles and rubber gloves for protecting yourself. Before using any tools, you must follow the guideline to avoid an unexpected accident.

Apply the Sealer

For applying the sealer on the wood pallet, you need to mix all the ingredients properly with a stir. You must be conscious of the brush. To use a smooth layer of sealer, you must use a soft-bristled brush.

Cleaning Up the Excess Sealer

After finishing the sealer work, some extra sealer is leftover on the wooden pallet. That’s why you need a soft rag to remove the excess sealer. Then let the wooden pallet get appropriately dried.

Using the Sandpaper

When the sealer is completely dried, you can use a fine-grit sander to rub the wood pallet’s surface. Then it would help if you repeatedly rubbed until the surface won’t dull. By using the sandpaper, you can smoothen the wood pallet properly.

Apply the Varnish

For sealing the wood pallet, you need to use the wood varnish. Wood varnish consists of polyurethane ingredients. To apply the varnish on the wood pallet’s surface, eventually, you need to dip the rag and rub it.

When the wood pallet is dried completely, you should apply the varnish two or three times more because of completing the sealing process.

Cutting and Shaping the Wood Pallet

After completing all the processes, the wood pallet is ready to give a shape as your requirement. You can cut the pallet as you want.


After accomplishing all the hard work, you need to cut or shape a wood pallet as you want to assemble. But remember that you never cut the wood near nail holes, splits, or cracks in the wood. Otherwise, the wood becomes more breakable during the cut.


Wood pallets are used in a wide range from indoor to outdoor. First, you need to gather some knowledge about the pallet style or which pallet is safe and use for which purposes. Before using the wood pallets, you need to go through some procedures to get the perfect pallet. This sealing method helps you to get your required pallet. 

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