Easy Method! How to Sharpen Lathe Tools Without a Grinder?

We use various tools for fasting and accurate work. Today we will try to know how to sharpen lathe tools without a grinder. Before that we need to know what a grinder and a lathe is.

A grinder is a kind of power tool or machine used for grinding. An abrasive wheel is used as a cutting tool for this machine. Using a grinder provides high quality of surface and high accuracy of shape and dimension. According to Wikipedia,” the accuracy of the grinder is 0.000025 mm, and most of the applications require 0.25 to 0.50 mm depth.

A lathe is a machine tool that works on a workpiece by rotating according to an axis. It uses various operations like- cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning. It is applied for creating symmetrical objects according to the axis.

You can use a lathe machine for various purposes by applying different types of lathe tools. It is possible to do many tasks on the lathe machine with the full set of lathe kits.

how to sharpen lathe tools without a grinder

Sharpen Lathe Tools without a Grinder

For getting an accurate outcome, the most important thing is to pay attention to your tools. That’s why you need to sharpen the lathe tool properly.

The easy way is to sharpen with a grinder, but if you do not have any, what should you do to do this? Let’s discuss here the alternative method of how to sharpen lathe tools without a grinder.

The Procedure of Sharpening Lathe Tool

For using an alternative way to sharpen tools, it would be helpful to apply a belt sander instead of a grinder. It would be enough to do this task if you use a belt sander with a non-flexing platen.

A belt sander uses multipurpose instead of a grinder. So, it would help if you were careful to use it. While you are sharpening tools with a belt sander, you must ensure that the cutting edge won’t round. The grinder has a limitation, but a belt sander works in many ways.

Various types of belt sander are used to sharpen the chisel and gouge for getting the perfect result. If you want to buy something for sharpening tools, try to purchase a belt sander instead of a grinder because of the versatility.

For increasing good and fast performance to sharpen lathe tools, you need to use the right belt and wax stick lubricant. The most important thing, you should maintain the alignment. Because if any angle occurs during sharpening, it can be worse. For maintaining the right alignment, wide flat platens are very helpful.

For accuracy, it is necessary to dress the wheels frequently. But it is quite expensive to change or to dress wheels whereas the belt is cheaper. To keep up the process correctly, you can change different types of grits in the belt sander as you want.

The whole process will be better with a jig. To sharpen with a grinder creates more friction than a belt sander. That’s why the belt sander is safer than a grinder for use. 

Basic Preparation or Safety Purpose

Before starting to sharpen tools, you need to follow the safety requirements. The safety purpose is the essential part of this kind of work. According to OSHA, too many accidents have occurred because of the unawareness of safety factors.

Eye Protection

If you want to protect your eye, then using eye protection is a must. When you are sharpening the tools, the filling particles can be blown without eye protection.

Rubber Gloves

Though a belt sander creates less vibration than a grinder, you need to use gloves to protect your hand.

Breathing Protection

It would help if you also used breathing protection. While sharpening, some small particles are produced. These particles are responsible for dust, which can cause breathing problems.

Some Other Safety Equipments

You can also use protection shoes, earplugs, etc., to help yourself from unexpected accidents.  


How Do You Check the Sharpness of the Lathe Tools?

There are several ways to check the sharpness of lathe tools. The most straightforward way, which goes from centuries to centuries, is checking with your thumb. When you run your thumb on the sharp edge, you can feel bur.

The lathe tools cut any objects perfectly because of the bur. Keep in mind that you should not run your thumb according to the length of the edge. By doing this, you will be injured.  

How Often Do You Need to Sharpen the Tools?

For getting an accurate result, you need to sharpen the tools as required. For this reason, it is important to inspect the devices often. If the tools look dull, you must sharpen them before use. Depending on the wood, you can sharpen the tools within 5-10 minutes.

Is the Lathe Dangerous?

When you are reading this article, you may think that the lathe is dangerous or not. Yes, it is quite hazardous for beginners. Heavy catches of lathe can be caused for breaking steel turning tools and tools rest.

Is Safety Essential for This Job?

In a word, safety is a must doing before starting any work. To sharpen the lathe tool, whatever you prefer, a grinder or benchtop belt sander, you should use protective equipment. In this way, you can easily avoid hazardous situations.  

Final Words

After reading the article, maybe you can feel relaxed about how to sharpen lathe tools without a grinder. Still, if you are in a dilemma in sharpening the lathe tool with a belt sander, providing the perfect result or not, then the better option is to buy a grinder and sharpening with it.

On the other hand, try to sharpen the tools with a belt sander and compare with a grinder. This process will help you get rid of the situation when you do not have a grinder. The most important thing is to ensure safety purposes.

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