How to Unscrew a Tight Screw Without a Screwdriver

It’s funny that you’re trying to open a screw without a screwdriver, you’re in a rush because you have no opportunity to purchase a screwdriver.

However, a screwdriver can bend the coin without any screwdriver, to use the butter knife to bring the stroke, the tab of a soft drink can curve the charge card against the clockwise screw. Also, you can grab the screw with a few forms and make a knife to pull it off. If this is a slight screw, use a couple of tweezers for the blade or accessory response.

If you have that opportunity, go to the online shop or home improvement store in your neighborhood and set yourself a screwdriver. There are some exceptionally modest things and one that saves you a lot of time and disappointment.

If you don’t have the right screwdriver, make one! So, here is the technology to complete the work by making temporary screwdrivers step by step. Follow this!

how to unscrew a tight screw without a screwdriver

Anyway, below are some ways in which you can attempt to expel your screw at the present time.

All things considered, you should have the option of trying it effectively. Whatever it is, the results will depend on the type of screw you are trying to remove, how well it is fixed!

Utilize a Rubber Band!

Using elastic groups can be useful when attempting to empty screws without the correct device, much the same as lifting harmful screws.

In a perfect world Placing a rubber band is really wide – it will create a surface with more grinding than screws. When you are able to rotate the screw with your finger, you will be in an ideal situation to integrate this technique with one of the two above. Between a table knife and a rubber band will work best when the blade from someone else doesn’t work.

Utilize a Table Knife!

Simply remove any table pane from your cabinet, and utilize this tip as a screwdriver. Keep in mind one thing that you should maintain a strategic distance from the blade is a round tip with point tips and a tip. This technique works admirably on both the opening and the Phillips screw which is large enough to force the blade.

The response is that you have experienced this stunt before. All things considered, it should be as old as the screws and blades themselves.

Use Pliers!

As a rule, this technique will not meet because the screw head will flush or rarely on the outside of whatever is in a bad way. And like that, you may not be able to get a jolt on it. While you are unlikely to have a pruner on the off since you have no screwdriver, I will keep this in mind for the rundown.

By the way, when it comes to your home and your screws stand in front of a decent measure, this might be your most reasonable option at that time.

The Drill Hole in Screw!

You can utilize a little bit more than a drill tool screw head. Drill a small gap at the center of the screw head. This technique works by opening the gap so that you are able to remove it further from the screw.

Utilize a Coin or a Credit Card!

Considering how big coins and MasterCard are, this stunt won’t work when trying to empty a little screw. It won’t work admirably with screws that don’t have a straight, open head.

A few instances of those incorporate camera tripod screws, screws on toy and other battery covers, etc. Some examples of those include camera tripod screws, toys, and other battery covers.

For these big screws, this can work fine and shockingly. At the same time, it is most valuable to use coins and charge cards when dealing with screws.

Utilize Your Nail!

Lastly, if you are in a situation where you do not have anything necessary with the above techniques, you can use your nail to stab. In any case, you should have a long nail. Additionally, the screw should first be properly free.

If you absolutely need it, I do not recommend trying this technique. If you remove all the stops, be exceptionally careful not to break your nail.

Epoxy Paste

You can utilize a JB Weld like a solid glue in the same way. When the paste or cement has dried and uses a wrench to turn the nut, ideally it will hold the screw with it and unscrew.

Hammer Method

Put the strip driver on the stripped screw. Hammer the screwdriver finish. This can work to get the screwdriver to go into the fine metal of the screw, allowing you to have an extra graph to screw it into.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Would You Loosen Tight Screws in Gadgets?

Simply spot the elastic band on the screw head and push your drill or screwdriver into the elastic band while the screw is fired. It’s as simple as that. The elastic band fills the hole in the screw’s head and holds the sharp edge of the bore or screwdriver.


As a start, get a set right now, that you have no screwdriver. At the same time, think of getting different instruments, such as a measuring tape or a hammer, that you can discover valuable once in a while.

In the event that you need to expel any type of screw before you get a suitable screwdriver, trying with a table blade will be your most powerful option. However, be careful because trying to open the screw without a screwdriver can do a bit of damage to everything you are doing.

Likewise, keep in mind that numerous screws will be difficult or difficult to unscrew. This is especially the situation with very small screws and with screws that do not have an initial opening drive.

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