How to Use a Reversible Rail and Stile Router Bit

Everyday reversible rail and site router bit set is used all over every day on 80% sawmill. This is a famous and popular set of wood. It makes work easier than another saw. Max of the time-reversible rail and stile router bit is used for making cabinet doors or glass doors. Different shapes and types of frames are also made through the use of this item.

For the first time when I used a reversible rail and suit router, I faced lots of bad issues, and the reason is I don’t know how to use them. Now I know how to use it. This article will tell you about how to use reversible rail and stile router bits and make an excellent door.  

how to use a reversible rail and stile router bit

How to Use

It is a very common thing that when we use something new for the first time, we face some problems. But when a skilled person gives advice and helps at that time the task becomes easier. Now I am going to guide you on how to use reversible rail and stile router bit. Maintain these steps, and you will get high-quality cutting.

First Stage

Before setting the reversible rail and stile router bit to disconnect the machine. Ready the set for fixing them. Never start fixing the sets when the machine is in power mode. Reversible rail and stile router bits come with 2 spindles, 2 different cutters and 1 bearing, 2 fitting joints.

First, you have to fix them. Disconnect the power, then install profile cutter and then flat cutter after then set the rolling bearing. In this step, insert the 2 spindles and tide then with the help of range. Make sure you fix all sets properly.

Second Stage 

Lower the spindles, so only the bearings are set on the upper side of the table. Check that the pieces of wood are going well on the table and touch the bearings properly.

If it works properly, then raise the flat cutter between 1/8 inches to 3/16 inches.  Remember to lock the spindles after the height set. Take a test cut before work with the main piece of wood cutting.

Third Stage

Turn on the machine, for your safety, use a push block. Cut the wood until your desired results come. After finishing the work, turn off the machine.  

Check the cut piece of wood properly and fix the reversible rail and suit the router bit accordingly. Now is the correct time to set the rail edge.

Fourth Stage

Before starting, rail cutting relaxes the sets slowly and removes the spindles set. Now insert the flat cutter, then the bearings. After that, insert the profile cutter. Now tie all of them with a range just follow the previous way.

Now check the piece that you cut before and set it near the cuter—following this way, you can easily set the machine. Now raise and lower the spindles until the top edge flat cutter lines the bottom of the slap in the profile. Then lock the spindles the right way.

Fifth Stage 

Set the workpiece properly and turn on the machine. Now cut the wood the right way. After finishing the cutting, turn off the machine.

Now test the cutting piece together. If the top and bottom of both pieces are not fixed again, cut the wood piece following the same procedure. When you’re happy with the tidiness of the joint feed, then understand your item is ready now.  

Safety Tips

Always use safety glass when you use reversible rail and stile router bit or any kind of saw because your eye can be seriously injured from sawdust.

Woodcutting is not easy work. There is a risk of injuring your hand. For safety, use a pair of leader gloves. Industrial gloves are the best options.

When you push the wood using a push block, it’s a good choice for you if you are not using leather gloves. But honestly, say when you use any saw, try to push block.

When you work with wood, don’t be afraid. Keep calm and quiet because haste can cause you any harm. Try to work by maintaining quality according to the planning. 


I hope all the dictations help you to work with reversible rail and stile router bit. Learning new things is not easy all the time. But in the wood industry, when you learn something new like using a miter saw or know how to use a reversible rail and stile router bit, all things give you an extra opportunity. Skill comes with day by day practice. Maintain the quality of your work and explore your unique ideas.

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