Nail Drill Bits Guide: Types and Their Uses

There is a variety of nail drill bits used for different purposes. These appear in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and grits. So you need to know which one is appropriate for you. You need to have a clear idea about the different types of nail drill bits and their proper uses. In this article, I will try to explain the detailed description of different types of nail drill bits so that it will help you even if you are new to the creation of acrylic nails.

Types of Nail Drill Bits

nail drill bits guide

1. Carbide Nail Drill Bits

Carbide bits are 20 times stronger than steel bits. So these are known as long-lasting than other types. These bits are mainly used for removing products like gel or acrylic. Though carbide bits need a very short time, it needs much experience to do a task efficiently and precisely. Without previous experience, it can be slipped or can be cut too deep. So damage can occur frequently. You need to support your hand while using a carbide drill bit to avoid mistakes.

2. Diamond Nail Drill Bits

Diamond bits are stronger than any other type. So diamond nail drill bits can be said as longer-lasting drill bits. Instead of shaving material off the nail, diamond bits scratch it off. They typically come in a variety of grids. The main advantages of using diamond nail drill bits are that they provide the scope to do the job in a very short time with the highest accuracy.  

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3. Ceramic Nail Drill Bits

These bits are used to shave off the material of the nail. Different grids are available in ceramic bits like medium-coarse, fine coarse, extra coarse, etc. Producing less heat and friction while doing a job is a great advantage of using a ceramic drill bit.

4. Stone Nail Drill Bits

These bits are used to deal with thick nails. These bits are strong enough and allow you to redesign heavy nails.

5. Titanium Nail Drill Bits

Titanium drill bits are famous for maintaining the best quality. These are longer-lasting than traditional drill bits. Producing less heat is another reason for using a titanium drill bit.

Shapes of Nail Drill Bits and Their Uses:

1. Natural Nail Drill Bit

This type of nail bit is made of synthetic rubberized soft bit. If someone never has acrylic nail previously and comes to you with a fresh, natural nail then you need to start with a natural nail drill bit. The purpose of using a natural nail drill bit is to smooth the cuticle area and remove the dead cuticle.

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2. Barrel Bits

Barrel bits can be large and small in size. They are used for smooth surface work with precision. Backfill cutting and shaping the nail are other important uses of barrel bits. To avoid the risk of damage, do not use this type of bit in the cuticle area.

3. Mandrel Bits

Mandrel bits are mainly used for removing gels and for pedicure purposes. These bits are good for surface work. 

4. UNC Bits

UNC stands for Under the Nail Cleaning and these bits are used for exactly this purpose. The pointed end of the bit allows you to clean under the nail area as well as sidewalls. The size of the endpoint may change with the requirements. 

5. Cone Bits

Cone bits are more appropriate for toenail surface work than fingernail surface work. These drill bits can be used to clean the under nail area and the sidewalls also. The tapered shape of cone bits makes it more versatile to use.

6. Pedicure Bits

Pedicure bits are used to remove dry cells off the feet easily. These bits are made of diamond particles. Though a large amount of heat may produce during operation, these bits come with hollow stripes that help to prevent extreme heat.

7. Backfill Bits or Maintenance Bits

These bits are commonly used for remodeling and correcting the smile line. There are several versions of backfill nail drill bits such as 2 week or 4-week bits. 

8. Safety Bits

Safety bits are used to ensure safe cuticle work without the risk of damage. The top rounded portion is designed for reaching the dermis area easily without doing any damage to the nail. Safety bits are also used for doing surface work.


If you are a beginner in the field of the art of acrylic nails, then the above article is for you. I want to provide the basic concept about different types and materials of nail drill bits and their uses. So probably it will be helpful to you and you will not face any trouble choosing the right drill bit for your job.

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