What Is a Delta Unisaw

Herbert Tautz is the founder of Delta Machinery. But in 1919 this giant company was Delta Specialty Company. At that time their tool became very popular with the people. First, the start made different home tools but now delta machinery focuses on almost all types of tool. 

Delta is a very popular and reputed brand. Unisaw is a model name of the industrial cabinet saw. Delta Unisaw is one of the best unisaw in the world. It has become more popular with people for the best quality and durability. 

In 1930 delta machinery launched a 10-inch industrial use cabinet saw, they named it Unisaw. The claim is that it is a re-engineered and re-designed flagship table saw. The riving knife is the exclusive feature of this saw because you can remove it easily. 

Some Features of Delta Unisaw

In this section, some features of a Delta Unisaw are discussed. In the 19 century, Delta Machinery first launched a smart and safe cabinet saw. Still, now their tools and saws are best. Below are some features of the Delta Unisaw. 

Safety Fact

When you use any kind of saw, always remind yourself about the safety issues. But If you have a Unisaw then don’t worry about the safety. Because the Delta Unisaw design is safe for the user.  saw users can use this safely. The riving knife and split blade guard ensure safety. 

The blade can easily be installed and removed according to the situation. This saw comes with a push stick so that wood can easily push on the inside of the saw. A new user can handle this saw like a professional woodworker.  The structure of this tool is very smart so that users can manage wood at a sea distance. The table has enough space so that you can easily move, insert and remove the wood.  

A power button is set on the unisaw. In case of emergency, the user can power off the machine, this process can save you from any uncomfortable situations. Just in case you can not manage the saw just power off.

Heavy Power and Durable 

Delta Unisaw is a heavy power tool. It was made with the best quality material which made it durable and can do many kinds of heavy work. You will still find some families whose Delta Unisaws are almost 70 years old but it is still working very well. Generation after generation Egra has been used without any problem because it is very good quality and long-lasting. 

Delta is a very useful machine for working in a very perfect way. 

You don’t have to be very skilled to cut wood with Delta Unisaw. With just a little bit of control, you can cut wood the way you want to. 

Dust Collector

In modern times most saws have a dust collector so that you can work without any hassle of dust. If you have allergy issues then you have to be more concerned about the wood dust. Nowadays, Delta Unisaw comes with a bi-level dust extraction system. It is the most modern and efficient technique that can easily remove dust from the saw cabinet.  

A bi-level dust extraction system means that the Delta Unisaw has one of the most efficient means of removing dust from the cut zone and the cabinet. The edges of the cabinet are designed to be slopping so that the wood chips and dust can easily fall down. 

Extra Storage

Different types of equipment are needed for the cabinet saw. The blade, push sticks, blade guard, wrenches and other accessories need to be stored. Delta Unisaw comes with a storage drawer so that other accessories can be stored in the drawer. 

You don’t have enough space in your shop. This built-in drawer will help you a lot. Even if you forget to pack the necessary parts of the Unisaw, you will get various benefits through the store because you can easily pack all things here. 


Here are some questions that will help you to understand details about the Delta Unisaw. Let’s start now. 

Is the Delta Unisaw a Good Saw?

If you are a saw user and want to use the best unisaw then Delta Unisaw is on your side. Delta Unisaw is made with the best materials and its performance makes it one of the best unisaw in the world.  Most designers use unisaw for its quality and durability. Without a doubt, you can pick a Delta Unisaw for your shop because this is a good saw.  

What Does Unisaw Do?

Basically, Unisaw is a model of a cabinet saw. It is very useful equipment when you are a woodworker. Most of the time unisaw is a user of cross-cutting, ripping, mortise, and re-sawing work. It’s a heavy work tool so you can use it according to your needs.  

Where Is Delta Unisaw Made?

Want to know the place where the delta saw is made? The USA is the origin place where the Delta Unisaw is made. But not the entire saw is made in the USA. The motor and cast pieces were manufactured in Wisconsin. And the frame of the delta Unisaw is done in South Carolina. In 2014 the Lumberjocks.com claimed that Delta Unisaw is not being made in the USA. They are moved and are being manufactured from Taiwan.

How Heavy Is a Delta Unisaw?

Delta Unisaw is a heavy popular saw and the weight is also heavy. The weight and volume of the unisaw vary depending on its model. Generally, it can be 561 pounds to 800 pounds. 


A variety of tools are constantly being created to meet our needs and wants. Some equipment we are still using today and some equipment are modified according to our needs. Delta Unisaw is an equipment that was created almost 100 years ago, but we are still using it and it has changed over time. Truly this is a wonderful example of science and modernity which has made our various works of wood much easier. 

This article represents the features, benefits, and some frequently asked questions. Collect with us if you want to know more about any tools.

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